“I felt like Susan’s book was written for me.  It motivated me to change my life and align to my vision, values and goals!”
Debbie Rollick, Client Partner
FranklinCovey Education

“Susan really nails it with her newest book, “Gut Intelligence.” She is one of the most consistent coaches in the industry, year after year after year.  She masterfully brings new exercises again and again to help us all transform our thinking. We already know it is always about how we think, we just need a path to get there. Susan provides that path in this book.  This time her specific work on slowing down and getting beyond the chatterbox in our minds is priceless. Anyone could benefit from reading this book to live a healthier life emotionally, mentally and physically!”

-Rick Schaefer, MD
Author of Extreme Thought Makeover


Susan’s book provides practical tips for creating and maintaining personal and professional focus, purpose and alignment toward achieving your goals. Her guidance encourages using your conscious gut to achieve better outcomes both in business and in one’s personal life.”
-Christine Steeno, Sr. Vice President
Willis Towers Watson


“The book is filled with stories and skills on how to live a lighter life aligned to your dreams. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to reach their potential.”
-Charlie Berens, Comedian
Manitowoc Minute


“Proven techniques and tools to slow down and go deeper to access your Gut Intelligence to produce better decision-making, outcomes and results. Filled with great ideas on how to hire the right people and create a culture of Gut Intelligence in your workplace.”
Kim Sponem
President and CEO
Summit Credit Union

“Well researched and fantastic guide for business owners and anyone who has struggled with clarity in decision-making
or negotiating. A must read for business owners and entrepreneurs.”
-Clive Lobo CPA.  Owner

“Susan Wehrley quantifies the skills that we need to ensure we are making wise decisions—both in our personal and professional lives. In the staffing business, we deal with people who have the three brains. Her book will help us to understand our candidates as well as ourselves.”
Carol Ann Schneider, CPC, SPHR – Chief Executive Officer
SEEK Career/Staffing

“Having worked with Susan Wehrley as both a business and personal coach, nothing embodies Susan more than her authentic commitment to curiosity and compassion. Gut Intelligence masterfully places those mindful, empathetic companions on our path to continual discovery of our higher best self.”
Paula Cuske, Owner
Triniti Brand Solutions

“’Gut Intelligence’ is an inspirational book that we can all relate to. Whether it be in our friendships, marriages, careers or within ourselves. Gut Intelligence brings to light perspectives on knowledge we all have but have not been tuned in to. Susan teaches us how to acknowledge and listen to the most important person we have, ourselves. The result of which brings us to a new level of awareness and contentment.”
-Carol Stark
CJS Design 

“I have worked with Susan K. Wehrley for many years. What always struck me is both her wisdom and her vision. She uses these innate strengths for our good: to make our personal and work lives better. She can discern the patterns that hurt us: the debilitating chattering in our minds. As these pieces are identified, we naturally trust ourselves more. This supports us in pursuing our vision of where we want to go in our lives. Susan has very much helped me to choose some major steps I’ve taken.”
Annette Barnum, Systems Analyst, Recipe Developer & Owner