Susan K. Wehrley is the author of Gut Intelligence (GQ). She is a nationally recognized business coach and consultant for over 25 years.  Susan has helped thousands of corporations, executives, entrepreneurs and individuals learn how to increase their Gut Intelligence by teaching them the same practice skills you will learn in this book.

You can learn more about Susan and her business at: http://www.BIZremedies.com

About the book, Gut Intelligence:

In Gut Intelligence, you will learn why GQ is the missing piece to IQ & EQ.

Science now tells us we have three information centers that we call “brains”–the gut brain, the heart-brain and the head-brain. But how do each of these brains work, and how might they work together for better decision-making?

Outlined in a comprehensive model, author Susan K. Wehrley  explains how synchronizing your three brain centers will help you make holistic decisions to align you to your vision, values and goals. With GQ, you’ll learn to:

  • Get beyond wounds and egos to find your Intuitive Wisdom
  • Speak your truth in order to improve your relationships
  • Stop the chattering in your mind and allow your wisdom to guide you to better decisions
  • Apply strategies and tools to create a Gut Intelligence work culture


“In a business world of immediate information flow fast paced business decisions, information on anything, anywhere, anytime with the use of a phone–one tool remains the test of time–our gut. Susan takes the time to draw the reader back in touch with this useful tool.  Read it for enjoyment, as a text book, or base your company’s principles around it and you’ll be sure to grow to love the impact it can have on your personal, business and cultural relationships.”
-Gary P. Randle II, Principal
Lynch & Associates, Inc.


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