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S.T.O.P. for greater Gut Intelligence

Our gut alone cannot always be trusted.  Sometimes our gut can send us into a frenzy with a fight or flight response. This occurs when we don’t stop to observe what is happening around and within us.

The S.T.O.P. Technique from my book, Gut Intelligence, can be a great way to raise your level of Gut Intelligence.  Try the following when you encounter a surprising situation or things aren’t going as you hoped.

The S.T.O.P Technique:

  1. THE S.T.O.P. TECHNIQUEThe S.T.O.P. Technique has four steps:

    S – Slow Down and Breathe.
    Take three breaths to the heart—through your nose and out your nose. Then to the top of the gut three times. Then to the center of the gut three times. Gradually and slowly breathe to the gut center, opening the vagus nerve and corpus callosum, which allows you to connect your gut, heart and head-brains.
    Benefit: This opens the corpus callosum in our brain and aligns our gut, heart and head-brains so they can send the chemicals and neurotransmitters back and forth. It also slows down our brainwaves from beta to alpha. This quiets the chattering in our mind.
    T – Tune in Within.
    Now that you have breathed deeply into your gut and opened your axis, tune into your Intuitive Wisdom by asking these three questions:
    1) What am I hearing? (Bend your head to your left ear);
    2) What am I seeing? (Look up to the right side of your mind’s eye);
    3) What am I sensing? (Look down into your gut).
    Benefit: This will help you tune into your Intuitive Wisdom. It is different for everyone: Some people hear an inner voice, others see visual symbols and pictures, and others are more inclined and feel physiological promptings in their heart or gut.


    O – Observe what is Happening.
    Now that you have created greater alignment with your Self, re-look at your situation with a new perspective from your Intuitive Wisdom. Ask the same three questions, but this time look outward as you are asking them, listening within to your intuition. This will give you a heightened awareness of the reality:
    1) What am I hearing that is being said?
    2) What am I seeing is happening? (Action and body language)
    3) What am I sensing is happening? (Emotional energy in your heart and gut-brains?)

    Benefit: This will help you tune into what is happening around you with a heightened awareness. Curious and compassionate, you will see the situation from a more detached point of view.
    P – Perceive a New Possibility.
    Now, from this detached and heightened awareness, ask your divine and Intuitive Wisdom,
    “How might I perceive a new possibility in this situation?”

    Benefit: This will help you to be mindful, emotionally detached, open-minded, creative and intuitive. This contrasts with being triggered and potentially going into limited thinking or a fight/flight reaction. Because you are seeing the situation from a heightened perspective, you will receive Intuitive Wisdom to address your situation.


    The S.T.O.P. Technique is copyright Susan K. Wehrley and is from the book, Gut Intelligence.



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